Why get financial advice?
The right kind of financial advice can really make a big difference. 

Financial advice can give you confidence that your future plans are achievable. 

If you're not on track to achieving your goals, it can help you put the right strategies in place, or come up with more realistic goals. 

Financial advice can help you: 
  • Set and achieve your financial goals 
  • Make the most of your money 
  • Feel more in control of your finances and your life 
  • Avoid expensive mistakes 
  • Protect your assets

Strategic financial planning

We take a holistic approach to money management - starting with an in-depth discussion of your goals, needs and concerns.  We are able to provide a range of strategies and solutions to work towards your goals which could include: 
  • Superannuation planning
  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Wealth creation
  • Investment planning
  • Budgeting/cashflow planning
  • Estate planning
  • Personal insurance planning
  • Salary packaging
  • Centrelink & government assistance

Strategic retirement and pre-retirement planning

We take the time to understand what “retirement” means to you – to get clear on your personal retirement income and expenditure needs and goals.  We incorporate all your assets (and loans), superannuation and non-superannuation, potential Centrelink benefits and a range of other factors to advise retirement strategies in your best interest. 

Strategic cash flow planning (salary structuring) and coaching

We undertake a range of exercises aimed at ascertaining your current (and future) income and expenses to understand your cash flow position and the potential effect of this on your asset and lending position over time.  We look at ways to increase income and reduce expenses. 

Strategic modelling

We can undertake strategic modelling to assist you with ascertaining the potential effect of changes to cash flow, taxation, asset and loan positions over time.  A lot of people like to run the numbers and see the big picture; they like to compare the effects of different strategies over time.  We can provide strategic modelling services regardless of whether we manage your investments.

Strategic personal risk management

We have an in-depth conversation about your personal and financial risks, your family, your work / business to understand the risks you face.  We provide recommendations aimed at managing these risks.  If our advice includes obtaining personal risk cover, we advise on the optimal structure from a cashflow, tax and asset protection perspective. 

Strategic debt management

We are not authorised to provide advice on specific loans or mortgages.  We can assist you with undertaking a stocktake of your current debt position (whether its credit cards, personal loans, home mortgages or investment loans) and repayments.  We can provide recommendations to manage and repay these.

Strategic investment planning (can include ethical investing)

Our investment services are focused on the prudential management of your assets.  Firstly, we seek to understand your personal investment philosophy and attitude to risk.  We believe in long term investing focused on asset allocation and diversification, as well as professional management of fees and tax.  We use internal and external research to substantiate all recommendations.  We will never provide advice on get-rich-quick schemes and do not charge a % of funds under management.

Strategic estate planning

We have an in-depth conversation about your personal and financial situation and your estate planning goals and desires.  We can assist you with identifying which legal instruments and structures can assist you with passing your assets on as desired.  We often work in conjunction with specialists including tax accountants and legal specialists. Our advice can incorporate charitable bequests and gifts.

Centrelink & government assistance

We can assist you with calculating and applying for Centrelink benefits including the Age Pension, New Start and the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.  This is often useful when you first retire.  For clients who sign up to an ongoing service agreement we can assist with the ongoing Centrelink reporting obligations.

Strategic financial planning – consulting & education
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Disclaimer: "This information is of a general nature only and has been provided without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this, you should consider whether the information is appropriate in light of your particular objectives, financial situation and needs.”